The easiest way to recall your notes. Without leaving Slack.

/notes allows you to save your notes, ideas and thoughts privately in any Slack window. The simplest and most effective way to stay on top of everything.

Simple and effective way to remember anything

/notes provides a few simple and easy to remember commands on your Slack chat so you can keep your private notes, memos and reminders. Anywhere, anytime.

  • Channels Save separate notes for each channel and conversation. Or just create a custom notepad from anywhere!
  • Notes Recall a specific note or all notes, from anywhere
  • Clear Clear a note when you no longer need it
  • More detailsClick to check out all the available features!
Add to SlackAdd to Slack
Graphic explaining how the notes app works

Reach out to us

Should you have any enquiry or you need support for the app, drop us a line at or by using the /notes feedback command in Slack.

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