Collection of information

In order to improve the experience each user in your team has with the /notes app, we store basic information about each user, such as their name, email and timezone as well as the notes that users create and manage using the available commands for the /notes app. We also store basic information about both public and private channels such as their name, their member list and their identifiers.

All your notes are safely and securely stored and are kept entirely private. Only you will see and have access to the contents of your notes. No other user, including other users in your team or organization, will be able to see your notes.

What we do with the data we store

All data is used to provide the best possible experience when using the app. For instance, by knowing the user timezone we can show a proper timestamp of when the note was taken. All information collected will only be used for app purposes (i.e. we are thinking about giving users the chance to send their notes to their registered email address). We will never share or distribute your personal data without your consent.

Third Parties

All data is safely stored in AWS (Amazon Web Services) which provides enterprise level security and is commonly used by a range of modern web applications. Amazon certificates use RSA keys with a 2048-bit modulus and SHA-256 to encrypt incoming and outgoing requests to the application.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns drop us a line at or by using the /notes feedback command in Slack.

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